Simple, Tasty, Quick, and Healthy

My first day went great. All morning I was waiting to eat my soup for lunch! I brought apple slices and a cheese stick (great combo) as a side.image Another great way to plan ahead is to bring a healthy snack for any after school activities that you might have. I brought some carrots for myself for after cross country practice today because I knew I was going to be hungry. I think that the times we eat the unhealthiest are the times when we are really hungry and just quickly grab some fruit snacks or something that won’t fill you up in the right ways. This is why I encourage you to know what you are going to need and want, and make a smart, healthy decision about what to eat. Drinking lots of water is also key to staying healthy. Always bring a water bottle or stop by the drinking fountain often.


This is what I like to call a simple scramble. It’s like a deconstructed frittata. All you have to do is make scrambled eggs with a little cheese and whatever vegetables are in your fridge! Season with a little salt and pepper, and you have one of my go to quick meals for when I’m hungry. It’s also great because it doesn’t use a lot of complex ingredients. This was what I made for my dinner tonight. It’s really nice after a practice or when you’re hungry because it fills you up with really healthy ingredients.


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