Salad Bar

For lunch today I made an awesome egg salad wrap with cucumbers, carrots, celery, spring onions, mustard, and pepper. It was wrapped with a spinach garden wrap. It was delicious with a side of strawberries and apricot slices.

image.jpegIn Missoula, Montana, there is this fabulous grocery store called the Good Food Store. I take cooking classes there during the summers, and we grocery shop there a lot. They have an awesome selection of everything. And all the food is healthy, hence the name Good Food Store. A lot of their food is organic, which I love. They have really good prepared food too. We stopped there for dinner tonight. I hit the salad bar. Spinach, red onions, cucumbers, garbonzo beans, bean sprouts, grated cheese, tofu, hard boiled egg, and turkey chunks all dressed in lemon tahini dressing made an awesome meal. Yum! It was delish. I hope everyone had an awesome Saturday.



One thought on “Salad Bar

  1. Chloe.
    Your blog is really fun. You have some great ideas for healthy eating. With the gardens all ready for harvest, now is a great time to try experimenting with veggies. I love fall soups. I had kale chips the other day. Very good. I am still coming around to tofu. Give me time. Ha. And as always healthy. living has to include exercise and the outdoors. Keep up the fun.
    Mrs Eustance


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