My Wonderful Pinterest Thoughts

I love Pinterest. I use it a lot for healthy recipes and ideas. I think it’s a very useful app.

I have been scrolling through pins lately, and I have found some pretty neat stuff. One thing in particular was a chart telling what 5 servings of fruits and veggies looks like. It had a few examples and measurements. I thought that was really cool and a great way to know how much fruits and vegetables to eat. There are also many charts and pages talking about percentages of protein, fat, calcium, etc. you are supposed to eat in a day. These are also very interesting and helpful when planning your meals.

Of course, since I love to cook, I’m always looking for new cooking tips, recipes, and ideas. I’ve come across many things on Pinterest that tell how long to cook a certain ingredient or what ingredients to pair together. It’s all so useful. I personally think sights that can give information, like Pinterst does, are brilliant.


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