National Food Days

Today, October 8, is national fluffernutter day. A fluffernutter is a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff usually served on white bread. It sounds pretty indulgent to me. It also sounds extremely unhealthy.

Every day has a certain food that it is known for. For example, my birthday, February 13th, is national Italian food day and national tortellini day. I think it’s really cool that each day has a different food that it’s famous for.

However, the majority of these foods are really unhealthy. Take the fluffernutter for example. Can you imagine if someone ate every national food on its specific day for a year? If you were to eat like this for the next week, this is what you would eat:

Oct. 8-fluffernutter day

Oct. 9-dessert day, hero sandwich day

Oct. 10-angel food cake day

Oct. 11-sausage pizza day

Oct. 12-gumbo day

Oct. 13-Yorkshire pudding day

Oct. 14-dessert day

Oct. 15-mushroom day

That sounds like a pretty interesting meal plan. Most of those days were definitely not healthy at all. It’s fun to think about stuff like this.


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