5 Reasons to Eat Clean, Healthy Food

#1- Eating the right amount of healthy foods gives us the energy we need to thrive throughout the day.

#2- Good digestion= good health. My mom is reading a book called The Prime by Kulreet Chaudhary, M.D. She has been telling me that it talks about how unhealthy digestive systems can lead to illnesses. Eating healthy and clean leads to having a healthy digestive system.

#3- Eating right leads to mental clarity. When I don’t eat right, I can never think straight. My mind gets foggy and I don’t feel right. Eating healthy makes me feel focused and awesome.

#4- Fueling your body properly is an extremely smart thing to do. It pays off in so many ways. It makes you feel and look great. Your body will be happy with you if you eat right.

#5- Healthy meals can be so tasty! They are really fun to make and experiment with. Having a meal that is satisfying and that tastes great always makes me feel at my best.


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