Tonight, my family and I carved pumpkins.   We do it every year before Halloween, as do many other families. We take out the pumpkin seeds and roast them, as well. A little salt, pepper, and olive oil makes them delicious!

I love this time of year. Not only are the holidays awesome, but the food is amazing. Pumpkins are some of my fall favorites. You can include them in so many savory and sweet recipes. From hardy soups to classic pies, pumpkins can do it all.

In the U.S. and Canada, pumpkins are obviously very popular around Halloween and Thanksgiving. In their native North America, they are a very important, traditional part of the autumn harvest. They are eaten mashed or find their way into purees and soups.

Many different places use pumpkins in so many ways. For example, in Japan they often use them in savory dishes such as tempura. In Italy, it can be used with cheeses as a savory filling for ravioli. Pumpkins can even be used to flavor beverages.



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