Election Time

Since Election Day is coming up, my school is having a mock election. I don’t really get into politics. However, I have come across some pretty interesting food facts about the 2016 presidential candidates.

I’ll start with Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State once said that she keeps hot sauce in her purse. Her favorite kind is Ninja Squirrel, a Siracha from Whole Foods.

Clinton staffers have paid at least 21 visits to Jimmy John’s since June of last year. She made headlines last year when she dropped by a Chipotle in Ohio, where she ordered a chicken bowl with guacamole. On the menu for a Hollywood event hosted by George and Amal Clooney, was spot-prawn risotto, beef tenderloin, and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. Yum!

Ever since hearing about the immunity boosting property of hot peppers in the early 1990s, Hillary Clinton eats a fresh jalepeno every day. That’s intense. Now on to Trump.

Donald Trump dislikes eating with his hands and has even been known to eat even pizza with utensils. He always carries a fork with him. Trump staffers spent almost $475 in two months at Subway. That’s enough for about 75 foot-long sandwiches.

Trump held a dinner at New York City’s Le Cirque restaurant in June. Ricotta ravioli, roasted branzino, and sirloin steak was served. Donald Trump likes his steak so well-done, “it would rock the plate.”

The candidates share their favorite guilty pleasure. It’s ice cream! Clinton can’t resist a scoop from Mercer’s Dairy, a New York-based company specializing in wine-flavored ice cream. Trump considers particularly cherry-vanilla flavored ice cream as a favorite treat.


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