Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse turns 88 today! I am a huge Disney fan. I thought I would do some food facts about Disney World. Here it goes:

1. 7 million hamburgers and 5 million hotdogs are eaten in the park yearly.

2. 1.4 million barbecued turkey legs are gnawed at each year at Walt Disney World.

3. Each turkey leg takes 6 hours to cook!

4. 3.3 million chocolate covered Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are sold every year in WDW.

5. There are 350 chefs cooking at Disney World.

6.  There are 5 party chefs that make wedding cakes exclusively for Disney guest weddings.

7. 1 million pounds of watermelon are eaten in 1 year at the park.

8. 5 million servings of popcorn are eaten each year.

9. 18.2 million packets and 2 million pounds of bulk ketchup are used at WDW annualy.

10. Mickey and his gang are said to love to munch on corn dog muffins as their favorite food. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!


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