Thank You!!!

Today was my last day of 7th grade. That means this is my last post on this blog. I am very sad to make this announcement. It has been a wonderful experience.

I’m surprised I remembered to post every night honestly! Sometimes, on the days I didn’t cook or have a food experience, it was hard to figure out what to blog about. I had such a blast throughout this whole year.

I want to thank everyone who follows my blog and has read my posts. It means so much to me. I am so happy to have been able to share my food experiences in 7th grade with everybody. I hope everyone has an awesome, healthy (I had to add that) summer. Happy cooking and happy eating!


Over Cooked Meat

Tonight my dad and I made his famous beef and broccoli dish. This was kind of the first time I’ve helped him make it. He said I would get better with practice. Even though it is an easy dish, I made some minor mistakes.

I blanched the broccoli to perfection. It was wonderfully al dente. We had a slight problem with the meat however. I was trying to get the sauce to thicken and the meat got slightly over cooked. Wild game is really delicious when it is soft. My dad cooks it really well. Tonight it was chewy and tough. It was still delicious but I still need some practice.

Sunny Day Exercise

There is a trail in Missoula that leads up to a concrete M on Mount Sentinal. It is a pretty steep trail consisting of a number of switch backs. There is an extraordinary view of the city at the top. It is a fabulous way to get exercise.

The hike is killer and leaves you feeling tired and satisfied. Today my mom and I decided to go to the trail. I made the decision to run the trail. It was intense. My goal was to run the whole way up and down and I did that. It was awesome to see all of the families, college students, and kids out in the nice weather getting some exercise and being healthy.

Pumpkin Energy Bites

I had some pumpkin purée left over from the cookies that I made. I researched some recipes that used pumpkin purée and came across an energy bite recipe. I’m super excited to include these healthy, delicious bites in my breakfasts, school lunches, and snacks.

The recipe was super simple. It only took five ingredients! This is the recipe I used:

I substituted pure maple syrup for the honey to compliment the pumpkin flavor. I also added two teaspoons of cinnamon for some nice spice. You can add chocolate chips, cocoa powder, chia seeds, dried fruit, nuts, whatever you’d like!

Grocery Store Lunch

Today, I needed a fast lunch because we didn’t have too much time between games. We just drove to the Albertsons next to the fields and picked up some food. We tend to eat grocery store meals often.

The first place we go is the produce department to pick up some fruit and veggies. Next, we go to the deli to see if there is anything already made such as roasted chicken, salads, sandwiches, or soup. For protein, I like to get cheese and crackers or nuts. These are the easiest lunches. There’s a variety of healthy options from the grocery store. Sometimes it’s the best place to eat.